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The lawn is an essential part of the garden landscape as it will soften the look and provide an enormous splash of colour throughout the year.
If your lawn is looked after correctly it will help to keep your garden looking in tip top condition.

Stone Valley has over twenty years experience looking after lawns - ranging from restoring old worn out lawns back to their former glory, to taking up old lawns and laying down new ones.

When we start a project on a new lawn the first thing we do is to take a good look at the soil underneath. This is an essential part of lawn laying as the new turf will feed off this soil in order to grow into a healthy lawn. If a new lawn is laid directly on to clay, chalk or dry acid soil, it will initially look absolutely great, but after a few weeks it may become patchy and diseased as it starts to die.

When laying a new lawn we always rotovate and turn the soil in the area in which the lawn is to be laid. Any roots and weeds will be removed from the working area which will then be raked level and rolled.

At this stage, unless the soil we are working with is considered satisfactory, we would normally recommend that a layer of loam soil is spread over the levelled surface. Loam soil is a fine top soil mixed with nutrients to help feed the new lawn. The loam soil is spread over the working surface and levelled.

The lawn itself is laid using Rolawn Turf. We beleive that Rolawn is probably the best turf on the market and we have been laying it for many years. Rolawn turf is always fertilised and weed free on delivery and provides a perfect lush green lawn as soon as it is laid. Once we have laid your lawn it will then be rolled again.

We advise our customers to try to keep off the lawn for a couple of weeks in order for it to settle. We will also provide you with watering advice.

We will be happy to come back after a couple weeks to give your new lawn its first cut and provide advice on future cutting. This follow-up service is provided completely free of charge.

Please note:

Stone Valley always provides you with a written quotation that includes the full trade discount that we are able to obtain from our suppliers.

Photo Gallery:
Our photo gallery features just some of the many lawns that we have installed for our customers.

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